Aug 7, 2009

Snap Out Of It!

So I'm sitting here at work having a massive pity party for myself. Ya' know the kind where you think one bad thought and a billion pop up right after it? For example: "Man, I'm having a hard time breathing in this shirt..why did I wear this today? I'm such an idiot...well, self, if you would EXERCISE then maybe your shirt wouldn't be tight and you could take a come I'm such an idiot and don't ever exercise?, I want a DP and a whole batch of chocolate chip cookies right now..I need a new job..well, self, you could apply for them..but what's the point when no one ever calls for an interview?...I don't have any special skills to offer anyone.. I'm going to be stuck at this job I hate, look at that pretty cupcake. I need one of those.."

Yep, that's what I've been doing for the last hour. In an effort to get myself out of my pity party (and away from chocolate chip cookies), I've been thinking of random stories from my life. That way instead of feeling sorry for myself, I'm laughing at myself. Genius!

1. I was playing chicken with my fellow bus-stop friend while waiting for said bus in the 2nd grade. The bus driver caught us, and I had to go to the principals office. I was so stressed out about it that I threw up after the meeting and then had to go home. That was my first and last trip to the principals office.

2. I was looking out a window at a particular nasty rain storm and wondered, out loud, to my fellow employees "Doesn't the bed of your truck fill-up with water when it rains?" Wow.

3. My favorite outfit as a kid was a navy blue sweater, red skirt, black sweater tights and one bright purple shoe and one bright pink shoe-- on the wrong foot. Plus, I had a mullet. That's future model material right there.

4. The very first time Jared asked for my number he said (exact words) "So uhh.. can I get your number so I can call ya' sometime? To ya' know... chat? About things?" (I know that story doesn't make me look ridiculous, I just think it's cute!)

*sighs* I feel better.


Monty and Kristin said...

You're so funny!! See, the problem is I REALLY want an oreo ice cream sandwich right now, but know I'm already exceeded my calorie intake for the day and some. Your stories help...I'm going to try to be strong!! Hope you find a new job. I'd hire you! That story is cute about Jared. Hey...I need your email...I have a great picture of you and Jared!!

Dan and Nicole said...

You are too funny!! I have days like this as well, only I eat the chocolate chip cookies. haha (ps- I found your blog through Kenna's, I'm in the ward. Just in case you were wondering who this is.)

melissa-brad said...

Hey hey!!! just answering your question:). ya metamucil for sure works! i think its about 5 grabs of fiber if i remember correctly. but ya, its just straight fiber so if its fiber your looking for, then metamucil is a good choice. the only thing about not eating veggies is the nutrients. do you not like any vegetables? or just most of them? because i have some good ways to eat them without having to force them down. but if you don't like them at all, then i would just make sure your getting a multi vitamin just to make sure your getting the good stuff:).

also, loved your post, i was laughing so hard at that first paragraph! and also, thanks for the question!

Michael 聖 Brady said...

this sounds like a train of thought that most of us have had. re: #4--yes, i remember those days. he was so discouraged after we watched "last of the mohicans." for the record, he may/may not have gotten chelsie's phone number in the same manner.