Mar 10, 2009

Y'all, We're Going Home

Last night we had a snow storm. Not a huge one, but it snowed nonetheless. It's March 9th and it's still snowing outside! Only in Utah. It's a balmy 26 degrees today. Yipee. As Jared and I were sitting in our toasty apartment, occasionally looking out the window to see if the weather was getting any worse we reafirrmed our decision to move to TX. Yes, that's right ladies and gents, we're moving! Not until the end of May, I'm just so excited I wanted to announce it right now. The Official Moving Plan goes as follows (so far. A lot can happen in two months but Jared and I are pretty solid once we make a plan!):

-Pick up truck and load on Monday, May 25.
-Leave early morning on May 26. Jared driving the moving truck while I follow behind in the comfort of the Tahoe. Oh, I love my vehicle. Er, our vehicle. ;-)
-That will hopefully put us into TX (specifically Flowermound, where Jared's parents have graciously agreed to let us stay for a few months to recover from the poor student stage) on Wednesday night.

That's the plan! It's going to be a long drive and very exhausting moving stuff into the truck and out of the truck etc., etc., but worth it. So very worth it. Jared and I are going home!

So after that big announcement, I thought I'd post this funny picture:

That's our little Honda on the right, and the Jeep belongs to our neighbor who just moved in. What's wrong with this picture? Oh, could it be that there is a WHOLE empty parking lot and she parks within inches of our car!?!?! The joys of apartment living. We exchanged one neighbor with a screaming baby for one who apparently doesn't know how to park and drinks large bottles of vodka. Go us.


Goodman Family said...

You make me laugh, your posts are too cute. I am very sad to hear that you both are moving, but at the same time I agree with you, that this snow in March is terrible, how nice it will be to be back in Texas.
When the time does get close of packing up, let us know and we will be over there to help.
I love that the jeep parked inches next to you, that makes me laugh.
You are seriously the cutest girl, and I really want to catch you before you move and maybe get you to cook something again, because it is so delicious.
P.S. I love your new cooking blog. YUMMY!

Goodman Family said...
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Penni said...

Yay for Texas!!! :) Ugh, we were always magnets for bad neighbors in our apts...not fun!

Regina said...

Texas is the place to be! Yay!!

The Rich's said...

not going to lie to you, i'm not excited for youto move to texas because i will miss having you guys 20 minutes away :( BUT...i am happy that you will be moving on with your lives and that you are excited about it!! SOO...amidst my tears i'll sing you a little song.."The stars at night...are big and bright..CLAP CLAP CLAP..." i am sure you can finish it you guys...

Monty and Kristin said...

Wow... that should be fun! I love your blog layout! Way cute!! I wish you the best of luck in Texas. Man...I better get to Utah and meet you before I have to go all the way to Utah!:)