Jan 22, 2009

New Coupon Website

So one of my New Year's Resolutions this year was to learn to be more frugal. Other than buying the cheapest thing at the store, or only buying clothes on clearance or basically just not buying anything at all.. I have no concept of being frugal. I think it's especially important now to make the dollar stretch and make the most out of it when there isn't a whole lot of it to go around! That said, the first thing I though I could definitely improve on was my grocery bill. I've been paying attention to sales and going through the coupons that come in the mail and have actually found some great deals! At least I think they are. I mean, even if the coupone is for only a dollar off, that's a dollar I don't have to pay for AND if I use several of those.. that's several dollars I don't have to pay for. I found a new website, www.redplum.com. This company sends out the coupon books in the mail, I'm not sure if everyone gets this or just my area... don't know. Anyway, all you couponers will have to visit it and tell me what you think. I've found better deals with the coupon booklets that come in the mail, but I guess it doesn't hurt to take a look at it before I go shopping.

Also, my first answer to when I want to learn anything new is to go read a book about it. Is that weird?! I haven't had a chance to do that yet, but I'm asking for tips and tricks of the trade for those of you masters at being frugal!


michelle p said...

I need help is this area too. But I know who has lot's of great tips...cousin Marci!! :)

Regina said...

I am a couponer. Dorky, but true. It really does help cut the grocery bill. My total literally goes down on average about $30 after I hand them the coupons. My advice, buy two copies of the paper and cut cut cut!! I have coupon links on my blog too that are soooooo helpful! You will be addicted soon.

Marci said...

I totally agree about becoming addicted! We started being frugal out of neccesity, and now it's a game. You should see me cringe anytime I have to pay full price for something! It's really kind of sad. ;)

You've taken the first step, wanting to find out more!

I haev lots of tips and ideas to share but no tim eto do it now. I will email you ometime some of our tips, and maybe I will write a couple blog posts about it. New project!!

Pierce and Stacy said...

Hey Caitlyn,

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love yours too. About the frugality part... I need help in that aspect as well. I just feel like I cut the coupons and never use them, so I just don't do it, but I need to. Way to go!

Pierce and Stacy said...

oops. Caitlin. Sorry.

(I hate it when people spell my name wrong, so I am sorry about that)

The Rich's said...

someone once told me that it doesn't help to use coupons if you end up buying stuff JUST because you have a coupon...(i used to be aweful about that) ALSO...honestly, shopping at Costco saves me SO MUCH money on stuff that is not perishable (cleaners..sandwich bags..laundry soap..) come with me anytime you like!